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Hong Kong not afraid of US sanctions: Lam

Chief Executive of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam said ahead of her Wednesday visit to Beijing that Hong Kong is not afraid of US accusations and threats of sanctions.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/3 10:27:32

Trump could 'incite, use' riots for reelection

US President Donald Trump is going to further provoke the protesters infuriated by George Floyd's death, so that the riots could become an inflection point of public criticism of Trump. Such a situation would require immediate and effective action to curb the chaotic situation, and then Trump would be able to raise his approval ratings by ending the riots by force, observers noted.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/2 22:38:40

China-India border situation generally stable, under control: FM spokesperson

China and India have maintained smooth diplomatic and military channels for communication over issues of their border areas where the overall situation is stable and under control, a Chinese spokesperson said Monday.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/6/2 15:46:14

HK riot leaders remain silent on US unrest

No comment on George Floyd's death caused by racism and police brutality, remaining silent on the vigorous law enforcement of US police, and keeping mum on the protests and riots in the US - that is the current situation of some Hong Kong riot leaders.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/2 0:08:40

US protests expose a 'failed state' as officials resort to blame game

As the world watches the US being confronted with massive riots, looting, chaos and heightened violence, US officials, instead of reflecting on the systematic problems in their society that led to such a crisis, have returned to their old “blame game” against left-wingers, “fake news” media and “external forces.”
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/1 20:18:40

China urges US to roll back move to expel Chinese students, researchers

The expulsion of certain Chinese students and researchers in the US, which kicked off Monday, is stark political persecution and racial discrimination, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, urging the US to roll back the decision immediately.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/1 19:06:58

Statistics speak louder, Trump's accusation over China's incompetence in handling virus contrary to fact: Chinese FM

China's Foreign Ministry rebuked US President Donald Trump's accusation that the world suffers from COVID-19 because of China's malfeasance, saying that the allegation disrespects Chinese people's efforts and sacrifice in their fight against the pandemic and statistics from the two countries' battle against the virus speak for themselves.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/1 18:35:54

Diplomatic, military communication channels between China and India on border issue unimpeded: Chinese FM

China's Foreign Ministry on Monday stressed that the situation on the China-India border is stable and controllable, and diplomatic and military channels of communication between the two sides are unimpeded, in response to Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh's comments assuring the country that the government will not allow India's dignity to be hurt under any circumstances.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/1 17:53:41

Chinese FM urges US face up to domestic racial issues, batters 'double standard' on HK riots

US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien's allegation that foreign powers take advantage of US race relations and protests over George Floyd's death, and his allusion that China is taking pleasure in the chaos in the US is groundless and US practices of glorifying "Hong Kong secessionists" as heroes and calling US protesters as rioters exposed its double standard, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Monday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/1 17:43:40

China provides medical supplies to Jordan against COVID-19

Jordan and China on Sunday signed an agreement under which China donated a batch of medical supplies to the kingdom to help combat the coronavirus.
Source: Global Times | 2020/6/1 10:12:36

Aussie university students say 'justice comes' after anti-China rioter's suspension

Students at the University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia expressed their support to the school's decision to suspend an anti-China rioter for two years who allegedly disrupted campus order and incited racism, saying "justice finally came."
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/31 20:22:46

Chinese students' expulsion harms US R&D

The White House announcement that it was shutting the door on thousands of Chinese graduate students and researchers would be a loss for the US, said Chinese experts and students involved, noting the policy not only destroyed their personal academic careers but also undermined US scientific research needs.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/31 23:03:40

PLA expands high-altitude arsenal to address border threat

Since the Doklam standoff with India in 2017, the Chinese military has expanded its arsenal with weapons like the Type 15 tank, Z-20 helicopter and GJ-2 drone that should give China the advantage in high-altitude conflicts should they arise, Chinese analysts said on Sunday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/31 18:28:41

China donates medical supplies to help Botswana fight COVID-19

China on Friday donated medical protective supplies to Botswana to help the country fight COVID-19.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/5/31 12:48:23

Chinese academics urge Canberra to muzzle 'Wolverines'

Chinese academics are urging the Morrison government to stop extreme groups like the Wolverines and politicians and commentators from spreading the US' anti-China virus.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/30 18:42:40

US to pay heavily for reckless sanctions aimed at China

The US, rather than China, its "imaginary enemy", will pay a hefty price for its reckless venture by imposing sanctions on Hong Kong, regional affairs observers said, noting that they wouldn't wonder at decreasing US clout in Hong Kong as the US proceeds with bullying tactics which would only end up putting its interests at risk.
Source: | 2020/5/30 5:12:31

US President says to eliminate Hong Kong's policy exemptions

US President Donald Trump said his administration will start the process to eliminate Hong Kong's policy exemptions that give Hong Kong special treatments. He made the announcement at a White House press conference on Friday afternoon.
Source: | 2020/5/30 3:24:11

Ministry of Public Security to guide HKPF to end violence

Step by step, China's top legislature is accelerating the formulation of the highly anticipated national security law for Hong Kong, with more details emerging for the first time on how state-level authorities could coordinate with local authorities in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) in preventing, ending and punishing acts endangering national security, after the Ministry of Public Security vowed to give relevant instructions to Hong Kong police. By going forward with relevant laws, the country delivered a clear message to countries that have been trying to pressure Beijing over the law: any attempt to stop China from defending its sovereignty is doomed to fail, observers said.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/29 23:13:40

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