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Wan Gang
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1. MOST takes the lead in drawing up S&T development plans and policies, drafting related laws, regulations and department rules, and guaranteeing the implementation.

2. MOST is responsible for drafting the National Basic Research Program, the National High-tech R&D Program and the S&T Enabling Program. MOST aims to serve socio-economic growth by coordinating basic research, frontier technology research, research on social service, key technology and common technology.

3. MOST teams up with other organizations in scheme demonstration, assessment, acceptance and policy making of major S&T special projects, and provides advice on big changes.

4. MOST compiles and implements plans on national laboratories, innovative bases, national S&T programs, and research conditions so as to promote infrastructure construction and resource sharing.

5. MOST formulates and supervises S&T plans according to policies, drafts policies on hi-tech commercialization with other departments, and guides the national high-tech industrial development zones.

6. MOST draws up policies and measures on enhancing rural and social progress with S&T to improve the livelihood of the people.

7. MOST issues policies to encourage the synergy of enterprise, university and research institute, promote application and demonstration of scientific discovery and technological invention, and improve innovation capacity of enterprises.

8. MOST makes proposal on institutional reform and supervises establishment and restructuring of research institutes.

9. MOST is responsible for budgeting, final accounting, and supervising of S&T funds. It also proposes, with relevant departments, major policies and measures on rational allocation of S&T resources.

10. MOST is responsible for appraising the National S&T Award, drawing plans on S&T talents team-building and making proposals on policies.

11. MOST drafts plans and policies on science popularization, technology market and S&T intermediaries. It is also responsible for issuing confidential measures and managing S&T assessment and statistics.

12. MOST draws up policies on S&T cooperation and exchange through bilateral and multilateral channels, guiding relevant departments and local governments in international interaction, appointing and supervising S&T diplomats, and facilitating aid to and from China.

13. MOST undertakes other tasks assigned by the State Council.

Adress:15B, Fuxing Road, Beijing, 100862, P.R. China
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